The best apps for seniors. Good apps for elder people

Technology is for all ages

Technology is for all ages and we know that elder people like using too. We always need to keep updated with technology no matter how old you are. Children, adults, and elder like using smartphones, notebooks, Xbox, etc. In this article you will read about the best apps for seniors. A list of good apps for those retired people who need some help in their lives. Definitely, you can help someone in your family who needs good apps in their routines.


The best apps for seniors

Instant Heart Rate

This app is for Iphone. Its camera detects your pulse from your fingerprint. You can compare to pulse oximeter. As you can see this is very important for their health. We know that it is necessary to take care of our health and elderly people much more.


This app is for IPad and Iphone. You need to take your medications so elder people use to forget it. This app allows customizing your medications using different colors and so on. The most important is to take care of their health.

My Medical

This app is also for IPad. It is essential to keep all the family informed about their beloved one health background with exams such as blood tests, X-Ray, and all important data that helps your doctor too.


Apple users have a chance to offer to the elderly an app that has lots of quizzes and games, voice command controls, and other features. This app helps a lot people with Alzheimer condition.


You know that elder people usually lose their memories very fast so this Apple game was designed by neuroscientists to improve their memories and attention. As you can see technology is useful for everybody.

Yesterday USA

This app for Iphone and Ipad broadcasts old songs. This is a great option to make your grandmother or grandfather happy so they will be able to sing unforgettable songs. Definitely, you need to take care of your health and enjoy your life when you are older. Energy is to be used for all!


Certainly elder people have lots of relatives in different cities so it is necessary to keep in touch with them. Skype is the best app for your mobile phone and even notebook. You can see your grandparents through a webcam too and talk to them for free!

Big Names

If an elder person is reading an article this app for Iphone is very useful to enlarge the words. They won’t have any difficulty to read using Big Names.


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