Technology in China. The most advanced techniques in that Asian country

What do the Chinese intend to do in terms of technology?

You know that the Chinese people like to invest in technology and it is the most important country in the world if we concern lots of important aspects such as industrial, commerce, electronics, and other ones. In this article you will read about technology in China and how it works indeed. What are the trends in that Asian country? We need to take into consideration the “fight” between China and the Unites States and which country will be the number one in the world in the future. The Asian country has lots of advancements as we will see in this article.

Technology in China

Take the humans to the Moon

NASA has recently hired twelve new astronauts for special missions on Mars and on the Moon. Definitely our life was completely different after Neil Armstrong stepped his feet on the Moon in 1969. The technological revolution has increased so much at NASA since then and new discoveries were made recently by that Space Station. We have to analyze now what the Chinese intend to do. Their plans are to launch their first space station module by the year 2022. They have more ambitious plans: they intend to land on the Moon in 2036 and become the most technological country in the entire world in 2050.

Create supercomputers

They see supercomputers as the future of the world so they are investing heavily on them. They intend to build the fastest computers around the world with their own chips. At this moment they are much more advanced than the USA.


The Chinese government has subsidized semiconductor production reducing production cost and combating competitors. Currently the American people are much more advanced than the Chinese so that Asian country intends to invest $150 billion in semiconductor technology.

Research and Development

China intends to invest heavily on R&D – about $103 billion according to their government. They have already achieved amazing results in R&D technology and studies so they have a great chance to be the number one in the world in this field too.

Invest on science

They really intend to invest on science and they firmly believe that is the best way to create prosperity for that country and the world. Investing in new scientists and young people in the universities is the dream of any country and the Chinese are working hard to provide better results in the future.

As you can see they intend to be the number one as they are in many fields. Certainly your country has lots of different Chinese products. Let’s wait and see what will happen in the future.

The advantages of Chinese technology
• It is cheaper and more effective.
• The workforce is cheaper.
• They will be able to compete against the United States of America and                  reduce their costs.
• The world will be prepared for better days in commerce and industry.

Technology in China is growing every day we they will be the number one in the world.


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