Our life in the future. What kind of life will we have in the future?

What will be our life in the future?

Let’s imagine our future. What will it be like? It is totally unpredictable! You know that we have so much technology and this one is used in several ways. Certainly, our future will be totally different in many aspects so let’s try to imagine our life in the future. Our life may be better or not and it will depend on how the mankind will understand it. Certainly, we have lots of reasons to be optimistic but there are many other ones to be pessimistic.

Our life in the future

Let’s some predictions for 2050, for example, in terms of technology and other aspects.


  • There will be much more people in the planet and the trend that will be 9.6 billion people on Earth. The consequences may be terrible due to starvation and economical problems in all poor countries all over the world. That is the first trend and we may be worried about it. What will be technology like under these conditions?
  • Another prediction that won’t be so positive is: most of the population will be old. According to studies one in every six people will be older than 65 years old. Cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases may double and that is the reason of governments and authorities to believe in technology, vaccines and drugs to avoid more serious problems.
  • Computers will be 1,000 times better and faster than now. This is an excellent trend for 2050. Our notebooks, smartphones will be completely different so we need to take into consideration their qualities. Definitely, our technology will be much better and clearly cheaper too. More countries will be involved in these advancements.
  • Solar energy may be our most important source. This one is great due to its efficiency and much cheaper investment. We need to save energy at all costs and technology is essential for all of us, mainly to produce cheap energy for the entire planet.
  • If the population really grows, there will be less food for everybody. Another aspect that may influence in this problem is the weather – climate changes can affect seriously farms, crops, harvest, etc. it really represents a serious problem for all of us. One good aspect is we have lots of land to plant so there will be good technological solutions if people really want to invest on it.
  • Certainly, 2050 isn’t so near but we have to imagine that time goes fast. Our responsibility is great so our chance to survive in the future depends on the kind of technology we have today and what we will have in the future. Now is the best moment to prepare for the future.







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